Spotify launches ad insertion streaming technology for podcasts in Latin America

Last September, Spotify launched in Brazil and Mexico a feature that allows brands to advertise in the platform’s exclusive and original content through ad insertion streaming technology, as explained by Ariana Spenza, Podcast Partner Manager for Chile and Argentina of Spotify, during her participation in the first day of Next Audio Latin America 2021.

In this way, creators will be able to include ad locators in their contents and make them available through the hosting platform of the Anchor app, which works with the audio streaming service in uploading podcasts, so that interested brands can include their ads within them. In addition, it will allow them to visualize what content was listened to and how many times, which “may allow a lot of creators to monetize their content“, according to what Spenza said in the panel “The new podcast revolution.”

On the other hand, she also revealed that Spotify plans to introduce a new Anchor tool in Latin America that allows creators to choose which episodes will be under subscription. The model, which is already available in the United States, also allows the user to navigate through the podcast menu and choose between consuming the free episodes or paying a subscription to access exclusive content.