Spacetoon acquired Turkish animated series ‘Kukuli’

Spacetoon has acquired Fauna Entertainment’s flagship show Kukuli (26 x 7′), which is available in 55 countries in 13 languages. This agreement with Spacetoon will see the animated series dubbed in Arabic and aired on the Spacetoon TV channel, and Spacetoon GO online streaming service, in Q1 2022.

Following the adventures of a hyperactive monkey Kukuli and his best friends Tinky and Minky, the show emphasises the importance of enjoying the moment.

Having over 100 licensed products and a musical theatre touring the country, Kukuli is a love mark in Turkey.

It has to be noted that Fauna expanded Kukuli’s worldwide footprint with partners such as Studio100, Ameba, Kidoodle, Genius Brand, Moby Group, Tubi, VME Media, Planet Junior and more.