Soul TV adds CNN Brasil to its offer

The interactive streaming platform Soul TV incorporates CNN Brasil into its offer, with a 24-hour transmission. During September and October, registered users will have free access to all the content, and for the rest of the year they will have a promotional monthly rate.

In addition to having an extensive VoD catalogue for its subscribers, the service also offers an interactive and addressable T-Commerce advertising model for all channels. Through the interaction of the television with mobile devices, the viewer can make purchases and access exclusive content with a single click.

It also has the Social TV function, the first launched in the world, which connects smart TVs and cell phones in a large social media platform, where each user can connect with other people and interact during broadcasts.

With the incorporation of CNN Brasil, Soul TV launched an “on demand” model for its more than 100,000 subscribers, who from now on will be able to follow the broadcast of the news channel 24 hours a day, through Samsung and LG TVs or from the application for mobile devices.

CNN Brasil’s entry on Soul TV reinforces our purpose to promote digital inclusion. In this sense, it is a clear example of how pay TV channels can seamlessly migrate to transmission and continue with the subscription system to release content. Our mission is to allow the distribution of content globally to an increasing number of people, free of charge or at an affordable cost“, Ricardo Godoy, CEO and Head of Innovation and Digital Transformation at Soul TV, explained.