Snapchat unveiled new features in Middle East

Snapchatters will now have a new feature called ’Sounds’ which will enable them to add music to their Snaps. The app will have a music repertoire with new and existing artists globally and to inaugurate this new feature, Snapchat is offering Justin Bieber’s new single ‘Lonely’ before the official release of his album.

In addition, the new feature enables Snapchat users to add an artistic aspect to their Snaps and have the option of saving the link of the song to download from their music streaming platform. It will also have a swipe up feature to enable viewers to have a ‘Play This Song’ option when viewing a Snap with music and stream it on their favourite platform such as Spotify, Apple Music, amongst others.

Snapchat is also exploring the option for users to create their own sounds and attach them to their Snaps.