Skyroam Simo collaborates with Smile on mobile data in Africa

Smile Telecoms is partnering with Skyroam Simo, the mobile Platform as a Service (PaaS) company providing global data access services in order to allow more Africa mobile users to connect to the best 4G LTE mobile network with better coverage, faster speed, and more flexible plans.

Smile’s Group CEO, Ahmad Farroukh, said that, “Smile is a leading 4G LTE carrier in Africa and we are always open to new and innovative technologies to bring continued value add and benefits to our users. Our partnership with Skyroam Simo will leverage its leading position in global virtual sim platform and together bring the best service and value to our pan-African users.”

On the other hand, Jing Liu, Founder and CEO of Skyroam, declared, “Skyroam Simo will work with Smile Telecom to bring value to its users as a long-term strategy. Together we will meet the needs of more people in Africa and bring explosive growth in mobile data usage. We will continue to innovate together with leading partners around the world to meet the demands of users where mobile data is becoming a must-have that impact our daily lives.”

The collaboration also offers international customers from various countries in the world who use Skyroam devices the occasion to roam on Smile 4G LTE network in all countries of Smile presence.