Sky Play adds new features for blind and deaft subscribers

Brazilian pay TV operator Sky (AT&T) has enabled a new feature on Sky Play, its SVOD OTT, through which subscribers with blind and deaft subscribers will be able to have descriptive subtitles and audio descriptions available. New features are available in some titles of the Sky Play’s catalog, although it will soon also be released for new films on the platform.

According to the information reported, at first, features will be available to postpaid subscribers with DVR and HD sets, without the need to pay an extra subscription. Likewise, from Sky they reported that the new features will soon be available for their post and prepaid subscribers through the official website and the operator’s app.

‘We understand our commitment to society and we want to be an increasingly diverse and inclusive company. Our main purpose is to offer quality content, providing fun, information and entertainment to all consumers, considering their needs and demands’, reported Raphael Denadai, Sky Brazil’s President.

In addition to Sky Play, Brazilian production company ETC Filmes announced the launch of PingPlay, a new OTT also designed for people with hearing and visual problems. According to several specialized websites, the Demographic Census that took place in Brazil, implemented by the Instituto Brasileño de Geografia y Estadistica (IBGE) in 2010, reported that 45.6 million people have visual or hearing problems. The number means about 23.9% of the total population in Brazil.