Sky bundles its sports offer with Sky Sports in Mexico

Mexican telecommunications company Televisa has announced this last Thursday, December 17th, the launch of ‘Sky Sports’, launched by Sky Mexico, with various sports competitions available, both from Latin America and from other regions around the world. Sky Sports monthly subscription is valued at MX $ 260 (USD 13), in the prepaid mode.

‘Sky launches its new ‘Sky Sports’ package, specially designed for people and families who are currently subscribing another pay TV offer, whether cable or other satellite systems, and for those who use applications to watch movies, series and documentaries, but  want to be able to access the extensive and excellent variety of exclusive sports content that Sky features, and broadcasts live for its subscribers’, they officially reported from Sky Mexico about their new offer.

With ‘Sky Sports’ it is possible to access various sports competitions, such as the Santander League, the Premier League and the Bundesliga; as well as the Qualifiers of South America and Europe towards the next World Cup; Eurocopa 2020 (to be held in 2021); and baseball tournaments, such as the Liga Mexicana del Pacifico and the Serie del Caribe. Additionally, Sky Sports also allows access to competitions such as the National Hockey League, and basketball, tennis, athletics and other championships.