SKY Brasil to launch new OTT service

SKY Brasil announced during NexTV Series Brazil 2017 the launch of the new streaming service SKY Play. This platform will be an evolution of SKY Online and will offer 5,000 titles to watch on connected devices, said Agricio Silva Neto, SKY’s VP of Marketing and Programming.

SKY Play will be launched in two months and will include films, series and linear channels. It will be available to postpaid customers but also to prepaid clients. Since the beginning of 2016, SKY is focusing its strategy on the prepaid modality to face the recession in Brazil. “The prepaid, which we always believed would be something dedicated to the lower class, reaches a lot of people today,” said the executive during the event organized by Dataxis.

The new digital platform seeks to satisfy the demand for content anywhere. However, Silva Neto made it clear that the main product of the company continues to be pay TV.

In a recent interview with NexTV News Brasil, the executive had already referred to the “complementary” nature of streaming services. “SKY believes in the complementarity of digital platforms with TV. To gain access to more complete services, shorter content windows and live events, the consumer needs to be a pay TV customer”.

In NexTV Series Brasil 2017, Silva Neto participated in the executive panel “Transformation of pay TV business”, together with executives of operators Algar and Net, and the independent programmer Box Brazil.