Sixteen companies are interested in DTT licenses in Mexico

Mexican Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) reported that there are sixteen companies interested in the public tender process for 148 digital TV channels. IFT said there were nine other interested parties who did not meet some of the requirements.

The process includes 148 transmission channels distributed in 123 coverage areas, 25 of them with 2 channels. The amount of the minimum reference values of the channels in the bidding process amounts to MX$ 1,527 million (USD 86 million).

IFT said in a statement that according to the technical and legal opinions and economic competition, made by the respective areas of the Institute and after evaluating the documentation submitted by interested parties, the IFT determined the feasibility, as well as the locations in which they can participate.

The regulator issued certificates of participation to the interested parties and identified that they could compete for 36 coverage zones to serve in 22 states that potentially cover 67.9 million people, equivalent to 60.48% of the country’s total population, said IFT in a statement.