Showmax introduced locally produced horror film ‘Triggered’

Showmax announced via Twitter on October 11 their upcoming new content set to premiere on the streaming service, one of which is the local horror film, Triggered. Co-written and directed by Alastair ‘Axis Mundi Orr, the 2020 film won the 2021 Best Achievement in Make-Up and Hairstyling award at the South Africa Film and Television Awards (SAFTA).

According to Showmax, the film follows nine former high school friends who celebrate their five-year reunion camping in a forest. Terror strikes when they wake up with bombs strapped to their chests, all with varying times on their countdown clocks and the only way to survive is by “stealing” time from one another.

It has to be noted that Triggered premiered on Showmax on Monday, October 11 and is now available for streaming.