Shahid VIP Mobile launched in Morocco and Tunisia

Shahid VIP, the premium subscription-based service of Shahid, is launching via a new mobile-only package in Morocco and Tunisia.

The service is available through telecom operator Orange Morocco for $2.06 and on Orange Tunisia for $1.73. Subscribers who sign up before the end of December will also receive a free two-month introductory offer with Orange Telecom.

Shahid VIP Mobile, can be accessed either via a single smartphone or tablet device, offers shows and movies, including the new Moroccan TV series, Hayat. Other popular titles include Salmat Abou El Banat, Stalk, and Inside.

Natasha Matos-Hemingway, Group Chief Commercial Officer (VOD) at MBC Group, commented on the new partnership with Orange Morocco and Tunisia saying: “Given that we are more connected than ever on mobile, it is only natural for the way we consume content to change and evolve. We have found that many individuals and households now prefer to watch their favorite shows on their smartphones instead of the television, for example, which is why we are teaming up with key partners to provide more ways of accessing Shahid VIP. Our new partnership with Orange Morocco and Orange Tunisia is one we are very excited about, as it offers a convenient way for entertainment fans to access content on the go at an extremely attractive price point. There’s no doubt that there are more partnerships of this kind to come”.