Shahid unveils new user interface in French

Shahid, the Arabic streaming platform, has announced that it will be now available in French, marking the third version of its user interface.

Aimed at French-speaking users from territories including North Africa, Europe, Canada, and the Levant, the brand-new French interface comes with a host of features similar to those available in Arabic and English. Not only will Shahid and Shahid VIP subscribers be able to navigate the service in French, but they will also be able to access their favourite new programmes subtitled in their preferred language. Shahid is also adding new French and North African series and other shows over the coming months.

Natasha Hemingway, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Shahid commented on the development saying: “French is the fifth largest language in the world and the third amongst the Arab population, so it made sense for the world’s leading Arabic streaming platform to offer the language as an option. This has been a work in progress for some time, and so we’re immensely excited for our users – who speak French as a first or second language, or just simply want to work on their French – to try and experience it”.