SES delivers Morbido TV across Latin America through SES-6 satellite

SES has recently announced a new partnership for the distribution of Morbido TV, a regional channel owned by IB Broadcasting Company, which broadcasts horror films and series twenty-four-hours a day, across Latin America through the SES-6 satellite. The pay TV channel is already available in Argentina, Mexico and Bolivia and, according to what SES has officially reported, it has recently started to operate in Chile.

‘Enabled by SES-6, Morbido TV will now expand their presence in Mexico and reach Central and other South American countries’, reported SES about the channel’s distribution agreement. 

Eduardo Caso, General Manager of IB Broadcasting Company, an AG Studios company, said that they are ‘extremely excited about the new markets opening up for our channel thanks to SES’, and added that ‘by distributing Morbido TV via SES-6, our content library will now reach audiences that were unable to find this content anywhere else’.

‘Our goal is to help broadcasters and content owners provide the best TV offering, for the largest possible number of viewers even in the most remote locations. We are delighted to enable these experiences for Morbido TV and their loyal audience, helping them to distribute their content throughout Spanish-speaking Latin America and ensuring the highest quality delivery for their audience’, said Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President, Sales and Market Development SES Video for Latin America and Caribbean.