Secuoya launches new business unit

Secuoya unified its Corporate and Digital areas to launch the new business unit Nexus, which offers brands and customers several solutions, taking advantage of the strength of new technologies, including social networks, as well as virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR).
Eduardo Basarte, head of the area, said that the key “is understanding the specific needs of each client, studying the ways of connecting with the target audience of each brand, creating valuable contents and properly managing them to maximize the ROI.”
The team of the new business unit is composed by 36 professionals who provide solutions in areas such as design of virtual reality experiences, augmented and mixed reality, as well as solutions in digital marketing, Branded Content and transmedia strategies, traditional and interactive events, audiovisual production and promotion, monetization of digital content, among others.
Secuoya has an important presence in Latin America. Recently, the company opened a new division for the region, headed by Alejandro Samanes Prat.