Secuoya Group to develop more projects in Chile after partnership with Channel 13

Secuoya Group, a leading Spanish company focused on audiovisual and digital content creation, production and distribution, presented a report on the projects developed in Chile and and announced it will continue working in the country after its first  anniversary of its deal with Chilean Channel 13.

Raul Berdones, the company’s Executive Chairman, said that it has managed to find a ‘sustainable’ model for Chilean TV. ‘The viability of TV goes through the optimization of resources. We have demonstrated it on Channel 13 and we have demonstrated it in Spain, with a multitude of channels. They are more efficient working formats, with outsourcing of the operative area, content production, studios and technical means. Today, with more than 200 clients around the world and more than 20 in Chile, we can say that we have a sustainable model for TV,’ said the executive.

According to the information presented by Berdones, during the first working year in Chile the Secuoya Group has more than USD 8.03 million invested in the country, and sales over USD 17.7 million during this year. In addition, Berdones said the company is working on new projects. ‘We have interesting projects to develop in Chile, such as pay TV channels, original content producers creation, advertising production services and short content through mobile subscriptions, which is one of the innovations in audiovisual content’, he said.