Seacom collaborates with Vodacom to extend its reach across Africa

Telecoms company Seacom and Vodacom Business Africa are collaborating to roll out the next chapter of both companies’ African network connectivity projects.

Since the introduction of its business division, Seacom has considerably grown its customer and partnership base and the latest collaboration confirms that it can sustain customer and partner demands beyond existing markets and across Vodacom’s infrastructure footprint.

Vodacom Business Africa has been investing substantially in the creation of network capability, maintained by technological partners on the continent and this has boosted connectivity and driven digital growth within the 47 countries in which it operates.

The managing director of Vodacom Business Africa, Guy Clarke stated, “The new partnership equips Seacom with this appealing capability, while extending its capacity when linking existing services across other platforms, including the Internet of Things, cloud and unified communications. We’re confident our partnership will translate into growth for both parties.” 

On the other hand, the chief commercial officer of Seacom, Steve Briggs specified, “In addition, this opportunity further cements the strong commercial relationship already enjoyed between Seacom and the Vodacom group, which dates back to the launch of Seacom’s original subsea cable system.”