São Paulo launches new plan to benefit local and international audiovisual productions

The Prefeitura de São Paulo, Brazil, through Spcine, an initiative focused on the development of projects related to cinema, TV, games and new media, announced the opening of a new call for the Programa de Atração de Filmagens a Cidade de São Paulo, aimed at promoting national and foreign filming in the Brazilian city. The registration of the projects will start on October 6th.

‘For the first time in Brazil, a program is launched to attract productions with great potential for international impact, further consolidating the city’s position as a global center for filming productions’, they reported from Spcine on the initiative.

The aim of the announcement is focused on a reimbursement of between 20% and 30% of the amount spent on productions filmed inSao Paulo, which becomes the first city in Brazil to carry out such an initiative. The program aims to promote Sao Paulo on an international scale, through audiovisual productions that portray the city, and is aimed at Brazilian and international productions of feature films, series and international advertisement projects, partially or fully  filmed in the Brazilian city.

To access the reimbursement, international projects must have a minimum local expenditure of R$ 2 million (just over USD 328 thousand), through a local production company. For projects filmed in Brazil, the minimum expenditure in the city should be R$ 1 million (just over USD 190 thousand).