Samsung plans to launch its OTT in Brazil

Samsung plans to launch its Samsung TV Plus platform in Brazil, exclusively for smart TVs. The initiative was announced by Erico Traldi, Samsung’s TV and Audio division Director in Brazil, during the latest edition of CES, which took place recently in Las Vegas. The launch date in Brazil has not been announced yet.

As reported by the Brazilian specialized website Notícias da TV (UOL), the aim of the South Korean company in Brazil does not focus in producing their own content there, but on running agreements with different media groups, to offer FTA TV content, novels, news, cooking programs, and others. Samsung TV Plus offers live channels, and on demand content.

Patricia Kogut, journalist at O Globo, reported that Samsung has already informed the group about this initiative. Samsung explained that the aim of it is to ‘offer more options to the associated producers to have different channels within Samsung TVs’.