Samsung launches TV Plus on smart TVs in Brazil

The South Korean company Samsung  has recently launched its new streaming service TV Plus on smart TVs in Brazil, after announcing the arrival of the platform in early 2020. TV Plus was originally launched in 2015 in some Asian countries, and Brazil became the first country in Latin America where it is possible to access the product, and the 12th country on a global scale.

As reported by different specialized websites, the platform is based on advertising (that is, it is an AVOD OTT), and offers access to 20 linear channels, although more will be added in the future. Some of the channels that the TV Plus offer includes in Brazil are Bloomberg, Fuel TV, several Pluto TV channels (launched in Brazil days ago), four channels of the Dutch producer Insight TV (InWild, InTrouble, InWonder and Insight TV) , Tastemade, Stingray and WeatherSpy.

Access to TV Plus is enabled in Brazil for those who have a Samsung smart TV with the Tizen platform. According to the company, at the moment the platform is enabled in 2020 models and 4K models or higher as of 2018.