Samsung integrates Pluto TV to its smart TVs in Brazil

Recently, the technology company Samsung incorporated access to Pluto TV, ViacomCBS’ IPTV, to the Tizen operating system of its Smart TVs in Brazil. However, for those devices that don’t have it, the application may not be available yet.

Previously, the South Korean brand and the platform had reached an agreement to enable the content of the service through a specific channel in the Samsung TV Plus space, but access to the application itself had not yet been given, which not only offers an extensive VOD library, but also live signals.

Lately, Samsung has integrated different platforms to its smart TVs in Brazil. About two weeks ago, users registered the appearance of Star +, Disney’s new OTT, on their devices. Also, some time before, HBO Max enabled its access from televisions. In this way, the company has been updating its equipment so that users can access all services, as they are launched in the region.