Royal Media Services launched new Luo online TV “Ramogi TV”

Royal Media Services, the largest media house in Kenya, has officially launched Ramogi TV on November 29.  The channel is in the Luo language known as Dholuo and is available on ADNL, Signet, the Citizen Digital app, Viusasa, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

This new online tv will bring the best in politics, current affairs, business, sports, health, and lifestyle. Also, the royal media services’ renowned local and international shows now have a new home on Ramogi TV.

It has to be noted that Ramogi TV will follow the same winning formula that has underpinned the success of Citizen TV and Inooro TV including world-class news, high-quality features, people-driven talk shows hosted by the best media personalities in the market.

To recall, eight years since the advent of devolution stations like Ramogi TV gives regions a chance to have a greater say in their affairs. Ramogi’s studios in Nairobi will be complemented by a studio in Kisumu and crews all over the country ready to deliver the news.