Roya TV’s new production Tahqeeq Amni to be aired on MBC in MENA

The collaboration between Roya TV and Shahid will see criminal series be aired on MBC’s streaming platform Shahid.
This is the first time a production from Roya will be aired on Shahid.
Tahqeeq Amni is a Jordanian TV program that highlights stories of criminal cases that took place in various parts of Jordan. The show has been produced by Roya TV and written by Omar Arafa.

The show covers the mystery behind ambiguous issues in Jordan, trying to uncover the details of each story. Each episode talks about an important issue narrated through re-enactments and interviews.

Tahqeeq Amni was born out of an initiative called ‘The Creative Lab’, a platform supported by the Roya TV. The initiative gathers creative ideas with the intention of supporting talents in film and television production.