Rivit TV launches in Mexico and the US

Rivit TV, the OTT in which those who enter will be able to decide which pilots become series, was officially launched today in Mexico and the US. According to the platform’s official website, the Rivit TV app will soon be available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Under the slogan ‘Choose the TV that gets made’, those who enter Rivit TV must vote for a pilot offered by the platform, and establish the price they are willing to pay for each episode. The available series are up to 20 episodes long, and the prices to pay range from USD 0.99 to USD 2.99. Once the required amount of money is raised, the series is produced. In addition, if other series other than the one a user has voted  also manage to be produced, that user will also have access to them (up to two extra series, under the slogan ‘Pledge one, get two for free’).

Each series pilots will be available for a 50-day period, waiting for users to get the money required for them to get produced. Currently, the platform already has pilots from Coyote Hills, Fabric of Lies and La Leona available. Rivit TV, founded by its CEO Wad Bradley, and Adam Shaw, will not feature advertising in the episodes of series that are produced, and those who enter will not have to pay any monthly subscription.