Retina Latina is now available on mobile devices

The OTT Retina Latina, focused on offering Latin American movies for free, has an application available since March to access its contents on iOS and Android mobile devices. The app can be downloaded on Google Play and the Apple Store. As reported by the specialized website Produ, to date, the app has been downloaded by more than 17 thousand people.

‘We are very happy to announce this news, since, this way, we expand our reach, making us available for more people in these moments of confinement, where everyone want to enjoy watching movies at home’, reported to Produ Yenny Chaverra, Retina Latina’s Coordinator. The executive also reported that, since the OTT was launched in 2016, the platform had more than 450 productions, and more than 250 thousand users. ‘In addition,, we have 27 films from our catalog available for the entire world, for a limited time,” added Chaverra.

The executive also reported that, during the confinement caused by the Coronavirus, Retina Latina increased its films content consumption by 500%, and increased its monthly content offer: ‘In June, we will have 40 new films of various genres, durations and, mainly, from independent Latin American cinema’, she stated.

Retina Latina is a free access OTT, which allows users to watch Latin American movies in countries of the region, and even in the Caribbean. When it was implemented, it had the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and  is currently also supported by the UNESCO International Fund for Cultural Diversity. The project is developed by six cinematographic entities from Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador and Uruguay, and coordinated by the Colombian Culture Ministry.