Responsibles from Pelispedia were condemned to three years in prison

Tax office in Montevideo, Uruguay sentenced those responsibles for the illegal content website Pelispedia to three years and four months in prison for illicit enrichment and series and films unauthorized exhibition. The platform recorded more than 44 million monthly views and around 10 thousand followers on Facebook.

The illegal content website was owned by a man and a woman residing in Lavalleja, Minas. According to an investigation from the Uruguayan Narcotic Drugs and Related Crimes Special Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of Dr. Monica Ferrero, the couple managed to raise about USD 10 thousand per month in web advertising.

‘We congratulate our partners at Interpol work and the law enforcement agencies in Uruguay for the successful legal action against a major Latin American piracy organization, and we thank the Court for acting quickly to stop this criminal network’, said Charles Rivkin, President and CEO at the Motion Pictures Association of America, who filed a complaint with Warner Bros Entertainment Inc, Universal City Studios LLC, Universal City Studios Productions LLP, New Lines Productions Inc and Twentieth Century Fox Film last May 3rd, which led to an investigation and the arrest of the couple who managed the website, and their home raid.  

 Apart from  the Pelispedia owners arrestment, websites, and were also ordered to be blocked. Only is available, but, according to the Cervieri Monsuarez law firm, it does not belong to the couple.