Responsible for the Mega Imagen pay TV operator in Argentina is sent to prison for illegal DirecTV contents broadcasting

As a result of a complaint filed by DirecTV for broadcasting illegal content  against the pay TV operator Mega Imagen, the Curuzu Cuatia Prosecutor’s Office (Corrientes, Argentina) ordered the prosecution and preventive detention for Joaquín Urdapilleta, owner of the company.

According to what DirecTV reported in an official statement, Mega Imagen was illegally providing cable TV in Curuzú Cuatiá. After an investigation, it was found that the company was broadcasting 19 DirecTV channels illegally. Apart from that, the cable operator did not have a legal agreement or license effective with any of the owners of the TV channels to broadcast them.

To date, DirecTV has filed 42 complaints against different pay TV operators in Argentina. In February last year, the Trial Court N° 3 of Curuzu Cuatia ordered the prosecution with preventive detention of people linked to cable operators Itati Cable Color and CAA Cati Cable Vision. In addition, in 2017 the person in charge of the cable operator Telecable Oro Verde from Entre Ríos, Argentina, was sentenced to two years in prison for considering him the author and responsible for the crime of fraud, using computer manipulation techniques.