Red Intercable closes deal with Nextel to provide mobile services in Argentina

Red Intercable, an association that gathers Argentine small and medium size operators from 19 provinces, has signed an agreement with Nextel (Cablevisión) to provide 4G mobile services using the frequencies Nextel has in 2.5 GHz and 900 MHz bands.

This way, the operators associated to the entity will be able to offer mobile services in the 570 localities where they already operate cable TV and fixed broadband. “We knew that in order to be competitive we needed to add mobility,” said the head of Red Intercable, Jorge Di Blasio, according to Télam news agency.


Under this agreement, about 5 million customers will be able to access these services. Red Intercable will invest USD 100 million during the first two years to provide coverage in the localities in which it operates. The agreement is not exclusive so other operators could make a similar alliance.