Red de Salas de Cine launches its own OTT due to the closure of movie theatres in Chile

Chilean Red de Salas de Cine de Chile, made up of independent cinemas in that country, launched its own OTT, with a catalog that already includes around 50 titles between series, short films and feature films, and others. Contents can be watched  for free, through a SVOD version (for CH $ 3,000; USD4), TVOD (for CH $ 2,000; USD 3); or CH $ 1,500;  USD 2 for subscribers). In addition, every Thursday, the catalog adds a new premiere.

Although up to now the platform has 50 titles already available, it is expected that by the end of September it will have 150 contents, as reported by Bio Bio Chile on its website.

‘This platform was born with the aim of  providing solutions to the pandemic both for the audiovisual sector, especially to movie theaters, as well as to our audiences, providing a new tool for the distribution and exhibition of online cinema, activating the economy of a sector with no income, as well as offering content and activities to our audiences, delivering cultural programming and artistic training, as well as allowing us to remain connected between theaters and their audiences’, explained Teresita Ugarte, Director at the Red de Salas de Cine. ‘We are working with the vast majority of national distributors and directly with  filmographies of great directors in our country, but we are also giving an important space to spread Latin American content, with films from Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and others’, added the executive.

Some of the Chilean titles are ‘El Negro’ (Sergio Castro); ‘Las Cruces’ (Teresa Arredondo and Carlos Vasquez Mendez); ‘Enigma’ (Ignacio Juricic); ‘Los Sueños del Castillo’ (Rene Ballesteros); ‘Nunca subi el Provincia’ (Ignacio Agüero); ‘Vision Nocturna’ (Carolina Moscoso); ‘Historia de mi Nombre’ (Karin Cuyul;) ‘Pario y criao’ (Jorge Donoso) and ‘Esto es Spitfire!’ (Marcelo Cuevas), among others.

The OTT catalog is divided into ‘Estrenos’; ‘Panorámica Latina’; ‘Perspectiva Global’; ‘Feminismo y Disidencias’; ‘Nuestro Territorio’, with Chilean titles, and ‘De lo bueno, corto’, with contents that last between 12 and 19 minutes. To enter, a registration is required using an email and a password.