Real Talk with Eniivy available now on DStv

Eniola Omoniyi, who is commonly known as Eniivy has just rolled out a new Talk Show titled Real Talk with Eniivy in partnership with POP Central TV on leading satellite cable TV, DSTV. The multi-talented actress who has a passion for entertainment declared she’s really thrilled about the TV show which would be an innovation in the industry in Nigeria and Africa.

The television show is an hour long and includes three exciting parts which intends to keep its viewers infront of their TV screens.

Eniola Omoniyi will sit down on a round table with a group of guests from industry professionals and experts, to entertainers, political enthusiasts, media moguls, entrepreneurs, sportsmen, students, and even children as they talk about subjects that affect our everyday life and society.

According to Omoniyi, “Real Talk With Eniivy airs at 9:00pm every Sunday. It was premiered on Sunday, 7th July, 2019 featuring 3 guests – renowned disc jockeys, DJ Neptune, Sensei Lo and health consultant, Tunde Ajayi. POP Central TV is a pop-culture entertainment platform that focuses on expressing diverse culture through the use of content creators. The show aims to shine a spotlight on “real people”, and give real time insights into different individual pursuits, struggles, victories and the passion that lies within them. Viewers will also be rewarded with giveaways as they continue to keep up with and engage with the show.”