RCNTV channel of Colombia launches the first e-commerce platform in the country

RCNTV, the Colombian TV signal from the RCN universe, launched the first e-commerce platform in the country, MarketRCN. The app will be based on a 360 experience and will work with the main brands in the region to create innovative content that will seek to promote online shopping among local audiences.

As detailed by the channel, one of the main characteristics that will benefit companies that join the service is that they have “more than 14 MM of UU in digital, 72 million in networks and an open TV share of 33% with space for own advertising”. In addition, they plan to obtain a 30% increase in digital revenues and a 20% stake in RCNTV’s digital business.

“As a supermedia we see an opportunity in a market of more than USD 10 million by 2021 in e-commerce and investment in advertising. We want to keep part of that cake. According to market projections, online sales will grow 35% VS AA; TV advertising plans to grow by 5% and digital advertising will grow by 40%”, they stated from RCN.