RCA launches new 32-inch Android TV in Argentina

RCA is launching the first Smart TV in conventional size in Argentina, with Android as operating system and compatible with Google Play and Google Assistant. The device is also integrated with Chromecast and includes the  voice command feature from the remote control. It will be initially marketed with 32 and 40-inches screens.

As detailed above, the new TV set includes access to Google Play to download apps, and voice command, which will allow users to control their TVs with no need to have another remote control rather than their voices. Turning the TV on and off, open apps, play content on YouTube, Netflix and other OTTs, raise and lower the volume and  check the weather are some of the available features on these new Smart TVs.

With Google Assistant, users can be related with their TVs according to their needs. Listening to music, making inquiries, getting directions and quick information and access to entertainment content are some of the news included in RCA’s Smart TVs. In addition, the integrated Chromecast system allows to link the TV with other devices.