QubitTV wants to reach 60 thousand cinephiles

Argentine OTT QubitTV modified its catalog -of classic Hollywood titles, independent films and national cinema movies- to reach 60,000 clients in the next 18 months focused on ‘cinephile’ audience, with Filmin (Spain), LaCinetek (France) and Filmstruck (US) models.

‘We carry out  French and German films festivals, BAFICI…  We Promote all of them in QubitTV and we have those films as soon as they appear. They are broadcasted in Qubit before cinema’, said Nicolás Jordán, CEO of QubitTV. After acquiring almost the total of company’s share package, he plans to continue investing in technology and content.

QubitTV started in 2011 as an SVOD OTT for final customers and then redirected its business towards B2B model. In this process, it specialized in multi device VOD platforms development for regional telecommunication companies. According to Jordán, they currently have about 10 thousand subscribers in Argentina and they are adding around thousand new subscribers per month.