Profeco and IFT seek to regulate OTTs in Mexico

Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), together with the Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT), seek to implement ways to ‘effectively regulate’ OTTs and apps to protect consumers rights in Mexico, according to José Agustín Pineda, Profeco’s Telecommunications Deputy Attorney. ‘We have a great challenge, as there is no specific regulation for this type of services today’, he said.

Pineda also announced that work is being done on the development of an app that will provide subscribers tools to effectively implement their rights. He also noted that, according to Communications and Broadcasting Federal Law, Profeco is in a revision of Minimum Rights of Users of Mobile Telecommunications Services process, which dates from 2015.’We intend to make that letter more accessible, with citizen language, and allowing everyone a clear understanding of their rights, and, that way, be able to make them effective’, he added.

Profeco’s Telecommunications Deputy Attorney expressed that procuracy works coordinated with telecommunications service providers to benefit subscribers, with a tendency to reduce the number of complaints made, which, according to what was reported, raised to 28,100 in 2018.