Pluto TV strengthens its catalog in Latin America with seven new channels

The AVOD OTT Pluto TV (ViacomCBS), recently launched in Latin America, announced it is adding seven new channels in the region, available since last June 26th. On top of the current 36 channels already launched, and a content library of more than 14K hours available, Pluto TV is premiering new content this month, with channels like Pluto TV Cine Familia, Pluto TV Velocidad, Pluto TV Peleas, The New Detectives, Comedy Central Stand-Up, Rugrats Crecidos, and July’s new pop-up channel, Pluto TV Star Trek, to be available from next July 1st.

As officially reported by ViacomCBS, ‘Pluto TV Cine Familia’ is located on channel 87, and offers a film catalog that includes titles such as ‘Rugrats in Paris: The Movie’; ‘Return to the Secret Garden’; ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’; ‘Izzie’s Way Home’; ‘A Monster in Paris’; ‘Little Ponderosa’. and others. ‘Pluto TV Velocidad’ is available on channel 283, and its contents are focused in the world of cars and engines. Some of its main titles are ‘Car Crash TV’; ‘Customized’; ‘Retromobile’; ‘Planeta Camion’, and ‘American Dreams’.

The New Detectives’ is also available on Pluto TV Latam’s catalog, on channel 308. It is aimed to show forensic experts and world-renowned criminal investigators at work. On channel 510 is located ‘Comedy Central Stand-Up’, with comedy specials and original series like ‘Duelo de Comediantes’ and ‘Stand Up Sin Fronteras’, as well as videos from Porta dos Fundos. Channel 718 is dedicated to the Rugrats crew all grown-up on ‘Rugrats Crecidos’, with contents from the series, aired on Nickelodeon. In addition, during July, the ‘Pluto TV Star Trek’ channel will also be available, with content from the series.

Mixed martial arts (MMA) buffs can get ready for ‘Pluto TV Peleas‘ (channel 408) and watch top athletes compete in shows like ‘Combate America’, ‘Impact Wrestling’; ‘All Elite Wrestling’; ‘Hard Knocks Fighting’; ‘Glory Sports Kickboxing’, and others.

With the addition of these seven new channels, Pluto TV continues to grow its offerings with industry partners like Paramount, Comedy Central, Porta dos Fundos, Nickelodeon, Endemol, New Dominion Pictures, Polar, Asylum, Beverly Hills Entertainment, El Garage TV, Combate America, Impact!, and Hard Knocks, Glory Sports, International Fighting Spirit, and All Elite Wrestling.