Pluto TV continues to increase its channels offering in Latin America

Pluto TV Latin America, ViacomCBS’s AVOD OTT officially launched this year in the region, announced this week it is adding Pluto TV Vida Real; Pluto TV Historia; Archivos Forenses; Naruto; BabyFirst and Latin Angels, new TV channels available on the platform since last Friday. With these additions, the Pluto TV Latin America catalog now joins more than 50 channels with curated content for multiple audiences in the region.

Pluto TV Vida Real’ is located on the platform’s channel 267, and was created for those who are interested in daily topics, such as medical mysteries, critical rescues, police dramas and border security. Pluto TV also added ‘Pluto TV Historia’ on channel 286, in which events from the past are shown through documentaries and programs to educate and entertain about relevant episodes in human history.

On channel 306, Pluto TV added ‘Archivos Forenses’, which shows the longest-running true crime show, where evidence and expert interviews help to solve real cases, disease outbreaks and accidents around the world.

On channel 186, Pluto TV launched Naruto, the first channel focused on the Japanese anime series. There will also be an educational offer for children through BabyFirst on channel 702, with content to introduce them in the world of numbers, colors, art, music, and others. The last channel that will be included in the Pluto TV catalog in Latin America from now on will be Latin Angels (channel 330), with several adventures to attractive places together with top models, film and soap operas actresses, celebrities and famous Latin Americans.

‘It is a very important achievement to be able to bring so much quality content to our audience and position Pluto TV as a unique service in the region’, said Marco Nobili, SVP of Strategy and Emerging Business at ViacomCBS Networks Americas. ‘The growth of channels and content on Pluto TV since its launch has had an extraordinary reply and has allowed us to reach millions of users in the region in a very short time’, added the executive.

ViacomCBS also reported that its platform has already reached 100 content partners, to launch a catalog of more than 18 thousand hours of content from the main TV networks, movie studios, publishers and digital media companies. Some of the new content partners for Latin America are Boatrocker, New Films, Yoboho, Medialand, Olympusat, Kiwicast, AAA Worldwide, Arte France, Banijay and Fox Telecolombia.

Days ago, ViacomCBS confirmed that Pluto TV will be available in Brazil from December, with an initial lineup of 24 curated channels, which can be accessed both via the web and through smart TVs and mobile devices.