Pluto TV continues strengthening its catalog in Latin America with four new comedy and entertainment channels

Pluto TV Latin America, ViacomCBS AVOD OTT, launched this year in Latin America, announced it has added four new channels, available starting today. These are MTV Pranks, People are Awesome, Fail Army and The Pet Collective, which are added to the 47 channels already available in the offer that the platform has available in Latin America.

‘MTV Pranks’ (channel 160) is focused on comedy contents, with shows such as Ridiculousness, Bugging Out, Disaster Date, Vidiots and Punk’d, under the leadership of renowned actor Ashton Kutcher. The shows show the reaction of viewers to various scandalous and fun situations. Another of the available channels is ‘People are Awesome’ (channel 173), which, according to ViacomCBS, allows to discover how people can meet their goals thanks to their abilities, skills and feats through various programs.

Through the ‘Fail Army’ channel (channel 502), viewers will be able to enjoy various bloopers and failed moments, with programs such as Fails of the Month, FailArmy Playlist, FailFactory and Recording for Duty. Finally, ‘The Pet Collective’ (channel 505), is focused on the world of animals and pets, with programs such as We Heart Animals, Animals Unscripted, Primetime Pets, Kitten Love and Puppy Sees it.

Since its launch, month by month Pluto TV is launching new channels of various genres available, with series, movies and other shows to enjoy various entertainment suggestions. In June, the ViacomCBS platform launched seven new channels, including the Star Trek Pop-Up channel, available until the end of July.