Pluto TV adopts Xandr SSP to monetize CTV inventory in Latin America

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, has announced that Pluto TV, new ViacomCBS’s AVOD OTT, recently launched in Latin America, has made its connected TV (CTV) inventory available to Xandr buyers in the region through the company’s strategic selling platform, Xandr Monetize.

According to what Xandr has officially reported, Pluto TV is using the Xandr SSP to monetize its CTV inventory. This includes the implementation of Prebid, ‘which enables Pluto TV to access supply in a fair and transparent way, allowing them to monitor header bidding auction logic themselves, and ensuring they are receiving the highest possible yield on their inventory’.

‘We are thrilled on working with Xandr’s technology to keep providing the most advanced advertising solutions across our premium inventory,” said Felipe Cortelezzi, Director of AVOD Monetization & Operations, ViacomCBS Networks Americas. ‘Our monetization partners are a key part of our Pluto TV growth strategy’, he added.

Offering more than 250 channels ranging across news, entertainment, sports, kids and lifestyle, Pluto TV US saw over 24 million user activations globally in 2019. According to the company, the many verticals available through Pluto TV, including 46 channels with over 14 thousand hours of content across 17 countries in Latin America, can help buyers identify deeper segmentations and reach key audiences with precision and scale. In addition, the company reported that 95% of Pluto TV’s monetization on the platform thus far has been established through deals with buyers on Xandr’s DSP as well as third party demand partners. ‘With deals, Pluto gains access to demand from premium brands with established packaging, and advertisers can more easily purchase Pluto’s premium inventory’, they reported.

‘Xandr provides a direct and efficient path for buyers to access premium supply, and our relationship with Pluto TV creates access to expansive, high-quality CTV inventory for our customers’, said Vanesa Marcuzzo, Senior Account Director, Xandr Latin America. ‘Additionally, with our integrated buy and sell-side technology, Xandr can offer the transparency across the supply chain that buyers require in today’s market’, she added.