Pluto TV adds Stingray’s channels to its catalog in Latin America, excluding Brazil

ViacomCBS has officially announced this week its decision to add channels from the Canadian company Stingray to Pluto TV’s catalog in Latin America, not including Brazil. As a result of the agreement between both companies, since this last Tuesday, May 4th, the AVOD OTT catalog already includesStingray iConcerts and Stingray Karaoke, the first two music channels to enter its portfolio, located on channels 905 and 906, respectively.

Under the name ‘Pluto TV Conciertos por Stingray’, Stingray iConcerts brings together a catalog of live gigs, documentaries and interviews with different musicians, while Stingray Karaoke, which in Pluto TV Latin America is called ‘Pluto TV Karaoke por Stingray’, users will be able to sing all their favorite songs. According to the information reported, ViacomCBS has also added a channel with content focused on the series  ‘Sin tetas no hay paraiso’ (Caracol Television), and, with the announced three new channels, it already features 90 in Latin America, not including Brazil.

Pluto TV also continues to strengthen its catalog in the Brazilian market. As of last Tuesday, the AVOD OTT added the channels ‘Pluto TV Comédia’ (channel 507); ‘Pluto TV Mistérios’ (channel 262) and ‘Pluto TV Cine Clássicos’ (channel 85). With the new additions, the AVOD OTT’s Brazilian version already gathers more than 40 channels since its launch, in December 2020. Also, in October 2019, Stingray announced a partnership with the Brazilian pay TV operator Sky (AT&T), so that its subscribers have access to Stingray Music, which includes 30 audio channels to access from the TV and 2 thousand additional music channels in the mobile application and via the web.