Peru TV improves its DTT signal and plans the international cannel launching in HD after new deal with Intelsat

Peruvian public channel Peru TV, part of the Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión, resign their contract with satellite Company Intelsat in order to bring quality and range over the Peruvian territory for their DTT channel, and also settle facing the launching of their international signal in high definition.

Locally, Peru TV continues using Intelsat 14 (45° West) in band C and Ku for signal distribution in SD and HD, to their stations. While, internationally, HD signal would keep working with Intelsat 11 (43° West) that allows reaching South America, North America and Europe.

Satellite Company informed that thanks to this system, Peru TV would download content from Intelsat 14 to send to Intelsat 11 for its distribution to the head pay TV operators through Ellenwood American Company’s teleport.