PCTV signs deal with SES to expand presence in Latin America

PCTV (Productora y Comercializadora de Televisión) has signed a multi-year agreement with SES to distribute its TV channels to cable networks in Central and South America via the recently launched SES-14 satellite, which will initiate commercial services in September.
Under the agreement, PCTV will deliver some of its most popular TV channels to cable providers, including TVC Networks, Pánico, Cine Mexicano, Video Rola, and Platino. Until the new satellite begins operating in September, the TV content will be transmitted by NSS-806, which currently operates in the 47.5° orbital position and will then be replaced by the SES-14.
“Thanks to SES’s high cable penetration in the region, more cable systems will be able to bring our TV content to their subscribers, thus allowing us to grow our audience from Guatemala to Argentina,” said Alejandro Tanaka, PCTV Director. “SES-14 provides ideal coverage for video delivery across Latin America, and we are very happy to leverage its footprint to gain more viewers.”
SES-14 is a hybrid satellite with Ku-band and C-band wide beams as well as Ku-band high throughput spot beams. It was launched from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana on 25 January 2018.