Pay TV recorded 16.82 million homes in Brazil and continues losing subscribers

As reported by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), Brazil recorded 16.82 million households with access to pay TV in May, which represents a 1.4 million subscribers decrease (-6.7%) in the last 12 months.

The entity also reported that Claro granted pay TV service to 8.29 million customers, and concentrated 49.26% of the market, followed by Sky, with 5.05 million subscribers (29.99%), Oi, with 1.59 million customers (9.45%) and Vivo, with 1.48 million subscribers (8,82%).

According to Anatel. Oi was the only company that show growth in the pay TV area during the last 12 months period. As reported by the regulator, Oi recorded 60.16 thousand more homes to those who provided the service, while Sky lost 222.22 thousand subscribers. Vivo and Claro suffered the loss of 116.90 thousand and 668.17 thousand customers in the pay TV sector, respectively.

Between April and May, Anatel reported that the pay TV service recorded a 245.59 thousand subscribers reduction (-1.44%). All operators recorded customer losses during the last month. Sky was the most affected, with a 69.27 thousand customers decrease (-1.35%), followed by Claro, which lost 51.27 thousand subscribers (-0.61%). Vivo had a loss of 19.31 thousand clients (-1.29%), and Oi lost 1.49 thousand customers (-0.09%).