Pay TV operators to retransmit the World Cup in Peru

Several independent pay TV companies in Peru were authorized to broadcast the games of the World Cup through the free-to-air channel Latina, after a precautionary measure issued by regulator Osiptel.
The Permanent Collegiate Body of Osiptel established that Latina must enable the retransmission of its FTA signal, including the 32 World Cup matches for which the company has the rights, to those companies whose contracts were terminated by Latina, unilaterally, in 2018.
The Peruvian Cable Television Association (APTC) had denounced that Latina interrupted, “unilaterally”, the contract with independent operators, leaving the 70 partners without access to the programming.
According to Osiptel, “this precautionary measure was imposed after detecting the existence of indications of possible anti-competitive conduct on the part of the television station, which would affect the cable television market.”