Pay TV, fixed and mobile telephony and internet rates would raise every four months in Argentina

As officially reported by the Argentine newspaper La Nacion last Thursday, March 18th, the Ente Nacional de Comunicaciones (Enacom) stated that price increases in fixed and mobile telephone, internet and pay TV rates should be implemented every four months from now on. The amount of each increment is not defined yet.

After, in August 2020, Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, declared telephony, pay TV and internet as ‘essential services’ in the country through a Necessity and Urgency Decree (DNU) N° 690 (2020) whereby the rates of the already mentioned services were frozen until December 31st last year, Enacom let Argentine operators to make a 5% increase in rates, which could reach up to 8% for those with up to 100 thousand customers, in January. However, some companies applied a higher increase from the first month of the year. For this reason, the entity ordered the operators to return the extra value invoiced to users.

As reported by La Nacion, in February this year, Enacom allowed two more increases to be made on mobile telephony offers (7.5% in February and 2.5% in March), but in exchange for the companies to return the extra amounts charged to  their clients, as Claro (America Movil) and Movistar (Telefonica) made. In addition, and in dialogue with local radio AM 750, Claudio Ambrosini, President at Enacom, confirmed that the entity will fine those telecommunications companies that had made increases above the value set on the decree.