Pay TV falls 3.8% in Uruguay and ends 2019 with 677 thousand subscribers

According to the last report published by the Uruguayan Communications Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC), the country ended 2019 with 677,290 pay TV subscribers, a 26,912 subscribers loss in relation to December 2018, which means a 3.8% less subscribers. At the same time, the country recorded 10,867 fewer clients compared to June 2019.

The pay TV subscribers trend in Uruguay has been negative since 2016: that year, Uruguay had reported 730,743 subscribers, and then ended 2017 with 722,494, which means 8,249 fewer subscribers. In 2018, the pay TV market in Uruguay had 704,202 clients, finally reaching the end of 2019 with the already mentioned 677,290 subscribers.

Cable TV ended 2019 with 368,792 clients, that is, 54.5% of the total pay TV market in the country. The second place was taken by satellite TV, with 42%, that is, 284,697 customers. The rest of pay TV subscribers accessed through MMDS (19,897 clients; 2.9% of the total base) and UHF (0.6% of the base, equivalent to 3,904 clients).

The operator with the highest number of subscribers in the country as of December 2019 was DirecTV, with 193,411 clients, followed by Cablevision, with 61.8 thousand; TCC, with 45.1 thousand; Nuevo Siglo, with 41.1 thousand; and Montecable with 38.9 thousand.