Pay TV and OTT operators in the Caribbean discuss new content consumption models in the region

The ‘New pay TV and OTT models in the Caribbean’ panel, which took place during the last Nextv CEO Latin America event, a leading conference organized by Dataxis at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Miami, was starred by Kendall Dupersoy, CEO at TelEm Group, Chris Dehring, CEO at Ready TV and Allen Craig Bayard, President and CEO at Access Haiti – Tele-Haiti. The panel discussion focused on the problem of business in territories with low incomes and mountainous areas. And how this determines the configuration of systems and commercialization of subscriptions for short periods.

‘Broadband prices have dropped, but the service must be at USD 60 per month to be profitable. My company must also provide electricity and other things’, said Duperson. ‘In Haiti systems are wireless, in Saint Maarten there are sectors served by fiber optic when they can afford them. It is more expensive to install, but cheaper to maintain’, he completed.

To his view, Craig Bayard said that ‘OTT is a platform that will allow Haitians living outside the island to know what is happening in Haiti’, while Dehring said that ‘in Jamaica we also have emigrants as sources of income, OTT contributes to create new content’ . In addition, he added that ‘60% of people subscribe to a cable day with 30 channels at the price of USD 1 per day, and there are channels that are individually sold’. Regarding the service to hotels, Dupersoy explained that ‘in Saint Maarten we have to think of channels that interest visiting tourists, many of them bring their own devices, but there are cases of geographical blocking. Anyway, I think the main channels will always exist’.

‘We are trying to create attractive local content, international channels have a hard time understanding what Jamaicans like, it is a small market and we do not have the ‘niche’ concept’, said Dehring. Dupersoy, however, said that ‘the advantage we have is greater customer knowledge, global companies do not succeed’.

With regard to the D2C packages prepared by Hollywood companies, Craig Bayard believes that ‘it will benefit us because there will be a greater bandwidth demand, it is an initiative for the higher income sector’. Dehring said that ‘we will welcome them if there is an increase in income for us’, while, for Dupersoy, these companies ‘must pay taxes, and it may not be profitable for them’.