Paratus to bring fibre connectivity in Namibia’s first smart city

Paratus Namibia, part of Pan-African telecommunications company Paratus, has been chosen by Ongos Connect, a company working with Ongos Valley, Namibia’s first smart city development, to bring fibre connectivity to over 11,000 new residents in the new city.

The agreement is the conclusion of a two-year planning process during which Paratus has been working on building the infrastructure to provide the necessary fibre connectivity for residents. As part of the agreement, all Ongos Valley residents will receive 1GB of free data per month for the first five years of residence.

Located in the country’s north-western corridor not far from Windhoek, Ongos Valley is said to represent a long-term investment in an urban and sustainably managed environment powered by green and solar energy, where technology and data informs the efficient management of resources and assets.

It has to be noted that fibre connectivity is to be provided to every home and business. Services will be integrated so that they are managed at optimum and affordable levels for all.

The first phase of the Ongos Valley project involves the building of around 4,500 homes and supporting infrastructure. The next phases will see the building of another 24,000 homes, 21 schools, parkways, greenways, and commercial centres.