Paramount Plus prepares launch in Europe after expanding in Latin America

After having completed its expansion in Latin America, Australia, Canada and the Nordic countries, the Paramount Plus streaming platform is preparing its launch in Europe, where it anticipates that the competition will be harder due to the large number of distribution channels that exist in the region.

ViacomCBS OTT reached several Latin American countries thanks to agreements with different operators to integrate the application into their service or offer packages with promotional discounts. In the same way, the company hopes to reach the United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria by enabling the service on Sky platforms.

As explained by Douglas Craig, senior vice president of programming and acquisitions at ViacomCBS, subscribers will experience the co-brands SkyShowtime of Paramount Plus and Comcast / ViacomCBS, depending on their location.

On the other hand, the executive also revealed that the company is considering including new streaming formats, such as AVOD and SVOD, and said: “Our company was built on linear television. It is still a big part of our approach, we are not shying away from that“.