Paramount Hotel Dubai unveils filmmaking competition ‘We Create Drama’

Paramount Hotel Dubai has launched the filmmaking competition called We Create Drama, where aspiring participants have to submit a 3-10-minute script of any genre, with a crew, cast and equipment list. The best 15 scripts will get a chance to shoot at the Paramount Hotel Dubai. Applicants must be available to shoot in Dubai in the second week of January.

To enter the competition, participants have to submit the scripts to the Paramount Hotel Dubai website by December 31. Each team should comprise five members, although the team can have more people; however, only five members per team will be recognised.

The winning team will receive the grand prize of Film of the Year. Other categories include actor of the year, actress of the year, sound specialist of the year, DOP of the year and writer of the year. Each crew can schedule only one full day of filming, with three days of editing. All the projects will be screened to the public at the paramount screening room.

It has to be noted that the top three projects will be screened at the closing gala, along with the films awarded in other categories. The winning team will be awarded a group prize of $5445 in hotel services with Paramount Exclusive A list membership cards, unlimited access to use the screening room for one year, and an exclusive contract with Paramount Hotel Dubai to create video content for the brand for one year.