Pan-African TV show WatsUp TV expands in 40+ Countries

Pan African entertainment TV show, WatsUp TV is collaborating with Guinea Evasion TV and Burkina Faso’s 3TV, to expand its content onto the Canal+ platform thus extending their viewership to over 40 countries and 7 million homes on the satellite platform.

The shows which will be produced and broadcasted in French for the Francophone audience will highlight a Top 10 countdown show and WatsUp TV playlist.

This step is intended to open the WatsUp TV’s brand to a new market and offering musicians and music promoters a chance to promote their content across the world through this new platform instituted by WatsUp TV.

The CEO of WatsUp TV, Abdoulaye Traore stated that the brand is expanding and becoming the preferred platform for music artists to market their songs to the African region.

The show will be available on Evasion TV from 31st July, 2020 and will be shown on Fridays, 3pm to 5pm and Sundays late night 12:30 am to 2 am on Canal+ channel 241.

In Burkina Faso, WatsUp TV will be broadcasted on Sundays 5PM to 6PM via 3TV on Canal+ channel 254. In Ghana, WatsUp TV currently airs daily and weekly on EBN Channel, TV7 and Max TV.