OTTs must offer 30% of Mexican productions

For the second time, the Mexican Senate approved a measure that establishes that OTT platforms must have 30% of content made in the country. As reported by the local newspaper ‘El Universal’, the measure had already been approved last week, although the  Senate decided that the issue be submitted to a second discussion in Commissions.

The draft decree, which makes changes on the the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law (LFTR) on digital platforms, was analyzed on Tuesday and was approved by eight votes in favor by the Finance and Public Credit Commission, and seven votes against, by the Legislative Studies Commission. The measure will affect Mexican and foreign OTTs.}

A similar measure is currently being developed in Colombia, where the Information and Communication Technologies Ministry (MinTIC) of that country announced that, starting this year, digital platforms must have a section in the country in which national content is included.